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    We constantly strive to improve our work in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction through offering a complete set of services. What we actually do is a lot more than just taking your files and transferring the prints to a piece of fabric. We have a full understanding of the textile printing and product development, so when you feel uncertain about anything, let us know all the details of your project, and we’ll start working on it together.


    Most often, the prepress work is the very important key to a brilliant print.

    It is the entire process of taking a document from an idea to the final product, where decision making and know-how does matter. Here is the point at which we edit your files, select color profiles and choose the most appropriate materials according to your specific requirements.

    We can create a print layout according to your artwork project, or patternize a simple image into a seamless design. We fill-in cuttings, define colors, put numbers and names on…

    We use the latest version of the No.1 Image Processing software currently available on the market.


    To learn more about the requirements for your orders, check out the F.A.Q. section, or look at this PDF file for a detailed list of all specific requirements.


    Our Wide Format Digital Printing line includes a set of professional inkjet printers that are able produce high quality photographic results. The Sublimation printing system is perfect for sampling or small production runs, as it is highly flexible and does not need any special preparations like the conventional textile printing methods. At the same time, it is a fast printing system, capable of producing hundreds of meters per day of high fidelity digitally printed paper ready to be transferred.

    We use well-known brands of high-quality water based Sublimation inks supplied by European companies. Sublimation technology enables us to achieve fine and precise digital prints with great colour gamut and superb resistance properties.


    Compatibility – Pure white or very light-coloured Polyester and Polyester-blend fabrics, Poly-Lycra elastane, Poly-Cotton double faced fabrics.



    We’re glad to introduce to you the sublimation printing with Fluorescent inks, provided by one of the world’s famous brands - ElvaJet® by Sensient.

    Fluorescent colours are very suitable for all kinds of products for active sports, like training kits, cycling shirts  and fitness tights.



    ChromaBlast-R is a professional digital heat transfer ink system for cotton and cotton blend fabrics.

    Decorating garments with full-color, high definition graphics is easier than ever with Sawgrass' ChromaBlast.

    ChromaBlast-R technology allows us to offer the small businesses, corporations and organizations what traditional promotional product manufacturers cannot: quick turnaround and smaller runs of full-color, durable and personalized items that will get their brand seen.

    Your branded t-shirts, socks, bags, tags, phone sleeves, keychains etc. give you much more than a product with your logo. This is your perfect solution for adding a creative touch to your promotional materials and personalized gifts.


    Compatibility – White Cotton and Cotton-blend materials. White and light-colored t-shirts.



    We're already able to offer to our customers, the most effective and precise cutting in the textile industry.

    Cutting fabric with a laser allows for extremely accurate cuts without actually touching the fabric. This means that a garment comes out as untainted by a manufacturing process as possible. Laser cutting offers the kind of precision that you'd get if cuttings were done by hand, but much faster.


    Compatibility –All types of Cotton and Polyester materials.



    Besides all kinds of printing technologies, we can offer you the plotter cutting for different types of foil and flock as well. This is the most popular technology for branding and decorating all sorts of garments and advertising materials. Plotter cutting is perfect for adding simple logos and text to your ready products.

    In addition to the variety of single-colored flex-foils, we can also offer you a subli-flock material, which allows us to print full-colored logos and other graphics. By simply adding embroidered edges to this flock, you can get high quality photographic badges with great color resistance.

    Special foils are also available, which have different metallic and reflective properties.


    Compatibility – All types of Cotton and Polyester materials. Branding of ready t-shirts, bags, jackets etc.


    As a very important part of our pre-press work, upon request or when needed, we offer professional color matching, which effectively means that we’re examining and adjusting all color values within your files to the specified fabrics from your supplied color standards. We use the Pantone swatch books, or our custom color palettes to define values. But of course you can also provide your own piece of print (for instance – a printed business card).

    Note that some limitations may occur due to the type of file given, the fabric chosen, and the gamut of the inks used. We do our best to give you the closest color available with a custom color match that is within the gamut for digital fabric printing. Precision means everything to us.

    Good to know: CMYK or RGB are types of color models for graphic files, and we can print both, but these are not color matching standards!


    tel: +359 2 934 30 84

    mobile: +359 888 50 15 65

    tel: +359 2 934 30 84

    mobile: +359 888 50 15 65



    TEL: +359 2 934 30 84

    tel: +359 2 934 30 84; mobile: +359 888 50 15 65